No such thing as a writer/producer/director

May 29, 2010

I’m a producer whose damn sick of reading (last several years) job posts calling for a solo person to be all things for one price in producing videos or films for clients.  When one person, who really shines doing one role very well, has to put on the hats of two others, the end product suffers. Sure, it’s cheaper, but the production quality is weaker and the chances of the video/film making a lasting and effective impression on the audience is nil.

I’m even more not amused, when I see ads wanting someone to be the writer, the camera operator, producer and Final Cut Pro editor. Now that’s even more ridiculous. Sure most of us seasoned producers, shooters, crew, and editors, once played these various roles in film school or out in the field, but somewhere down the line interest and talent kept us focused in one area of production.

Have you looked at any of the recent t.v. commercials produced in this country? Amateur city baby, and I can’t imagine the client is seeing much foot traffic in the door, phones ringing off the hook, or visits to their web sites.

Hey, you get what you paid for when just focused on the bottom line.

My suggestion? Bring in the producer. Talk about your goals and objectives in producing spots or videos. Discuss one to five year plans and discuss budget. Get a budget, and then allow the producer who will find the unemployed crew and talent, negotiate everyone reasonably, and voila, the client will have a far superior spot or video content that will drive audiences to take action, for that, after all, is the purpose of any piece of motion picture content.


Hello world!

February 7, 2010

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